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WONDER JR DELUXE Handmill (Masa/Nut Butter Auger FREE-FREE-FREE- $45 Savings!!)

Part Number 70-WJDELUXE
WONDER JR DELUXE Handmill (Masa/Nut Butter Auger FREE-FREE-FREE- $45 Savings!!)
Wonder Junior Deluxe
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Performs As Good As High Priced Mills
I use the electric WonderMill grain mill for most of my milling but when the power goes out so does the electric WonderMill. So as a prepper I need a non-electric option. The Wonder Junior Deluxe hand grain mill is the best option of the several hand mills I have used, and I have used many. The cheapo Victorio mill will leave you disappointed in grinding speed and the expensive Country Living Grain Mill doesn't perform better than the Wonder Junior, except that it is slightly easier to turn. For half the price of a Country Living Grain Mill with no extras you can get Wonder Junior Deluxe which is loaded with extras.

What Makes The Wonder Junior Great:

Fast milling (for a hand mill).

Very durable.

Has BOTH stone and steel milling heads, allowing you to mill dry and oily items.

Includes the most stable table clamp.

Reasonably Priced for the performance, half the price of other high end mills.

Great coarseness control of flour.

Flour Guide catches all flour and puts it where your want it.

Mills the largest variety of flours (see and even oily items.

Easy to clean or even wash, small enough to even wash out in the sink.

Top Quality Service from the WonderMill Company who stands behind their product.

Optional Motorizing options:

  • Drill Bit Attachment (its the only flour mill you can hook up to your High Powered Drill)
  • Pulley Attachment (allows you to connect a belt to your Wonder Junior and connect it to a motor or bake, motor and belt are not included

Comes With:

  • Wonder Junior Grain Mill
  • Table Clamp
  • Flour Guide
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Steel Milling Heads
  • Stone Milling Heads

Better of Both Worlds Option
The Country Living Grain Mill has been touted as the "Best of Both Worlds" because it can be motorized but the motor setup will cost you an additional $350 for a total of about $780. There is a better and cheaper option, the Wonder Junior Deluxe (about $220) and the WonderMill electric grain mill (about $240) as a combo for just $40 more than the basic Country Living Grain Mill setup. With the electric WonderMill you can effortlessly grind you every day flour in just a 2-3 minutes and with the Wonder Junior Deluxe you can grind your flour when the light go out or even use it to grind oily items and that neither the Country Living Grain Mill or WonderMill electric can do. So save your self the money and get the "Better of Both Worlds".

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